Hello! Welcome to my blog. I'm a self taught textile artist with a passion for felt and embroidery.
This is my album of finished work. Feel free to visit me on facebook to see what I'm up to today!

13 december 2016

xmas '16

Christmas ornament for the DHG Santa Claus Challenge. Rust dyed chiffon, white merino, string and childhood beads. After an idea by Danish paper designer Marie Elise Larsen.

3 december 2016


The Himmelsgucker project is a charity initiative of glass eye artist Sigrid Uta von Graevenitz. She sent me two heavenly blue eyes to incorporate in a felt object. And this is it, my Himmelsgucker, made from bergschaf, a skeleton beach find and of course, the blue blue eyes so typical of a Himmelsgucker. 

16 november 2016


Midori style diary with bergschaf, merino, silk, vintage lace and remnants from the wool recycling industry. Elastic bands keep the booklets in place. Small pocket to hold a pen.

3 november 2016



12 oktober 2016

2 oktober 2016

felting with friends

October 1 is Felt United Day and I celebrated that by inviting some friends to felt with me in my home this weekend. In August I stayed at the Lebensgarten in Steyerberg, Germany. A group of felters made new work for the Filzkunstpfad there, initiative of artist Arinya Berges. One of the ongoing works is a line of felted flags along the felt art walk in the woods. And this is what we contributed to today. We worked with the theme of the 2016 Felt United Day: Naked Beauty. We only used lovely, natural, undyed wool.




27 september 2016


Today I'm proud to present the minimuseum I created in our home.
Our neglected hallway has been transformed into a place to show and enjoy my felts, embroideries and ecoprints.


11 september 2016

silver lining

28 augustus 2016


This weekend a group of eight felters made new work for the Filzkunstpfad am Lebensgarten Steyerberg, Germany and I'm excited and proud to be one of them!

Here are some pictures of my contribution to the Filzkunstpfad. This hat represents the history of the site, built as housing for army purposes in the late 1930s. Black and white for the painted stripes that are still visible on the walls. They made it easier to detect and then shoot people who tried to escape. The soft, skin coloured squares are reference to the wall of the Lebensgarten chapel in the centre of this now peaceful community.

Put on the hat, meditate on this history for a minute and don't forget the selfie!

14 juni 2016

13 juni 2016


29 maart 2016

25 februari 2016